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The Quantum of Solace Review

November 17, 2008


In the words of Mad TV’s “Vancome Lady”, “Chaa….you know what?  Uh uh!”  Quantum of Solace just did not do it for me and I’m a bit disappointed by what was presented.  The action sequences were awesome and almost as good as those in Casino Royale but mid way though the film I lost interest as the story was confusing in parts and just plain forgettable.  Seeing Daniel Craig’s indestructible Bond crash through everything he touched was enough to keep me in my seat but not enough to make me want to write a glowing review.  Sorry.

In this installment Bond is reeling from the death of Vesper and out for revenge-though he is in vehement denial about his grief.  What follows are scenes in which  Bond lets his unresolved anger get the best of him resulting in his killing of person after person much to the dismay of M and other British Intelligence officials.  My social worker antennae perked up when M and other colleagues staged an intervention of sorts, demanding that Bond cease work on the case and take time to heal.  I guess they should have known better than to ask such an obvious task of Bond.  James Bond.

Without going too much into the who did what of the story-because again, it was forgettable- Bond’s capture of Mr. White in Royale leads him on the trail of Dominic Greene, a mysterious character behind the organization that offed Vesper.  He kicks butt all over Haiti, London,Italy, and South America before discovering the truth about Greene’s plot to control the world’s natural resources.  In the end the story takes on a surprising plot twist as 007 does get closure about Vesper’s death and confronts the character that set her up (and it ain’t Greene).

The expectations that I had for this film were extremely high and sadly, even Alicia Keys’ and Jack White’s theme song could not give life to the sucky story line.  I liked this film a lot but I did not leave the theatre as excited as I was at the end of it’s predecessor.  I guess the best thing I can say about Quantum is that the precision of the stunts were everything that I hoped Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would offer.  Ouch.