The Mommy Shrink. Welcome Back

August 19, 2011


Wow!  So much has changed in a little time.  I haven’t posted a blog in over a year and in that time I managed to experience the highs of life, love and the down right immature side of dating (for those of you who were interested in my romantic life post widowhood).  And considering how the motivation for my last entry basically came from a jerk who I dated and included an off-the-cuff rant/poem dissing both parties (me too of course for falling for his bullshit) I thought I owed it to you faithful (or new) readers to tell you that said jerk is now a “non mother-F’ing factor”, as eloquently stated by Evelyn Lozada of the “Basketball Wives”.  I am now re-married to Jason, a  beautiful soul whom I care for deeply.  I can’t even begin to find the words to describe him or our love so I suppose I should keep that part sacredly buried in my heart.  We have a wonderful little 3 month old tyke, our Elijah Malcolm Shakur.  Life is more beautiful than Roberto Benigni at this point.  I believe in spirit.  I believe in love.  Above all, I believe in a God who takes care of his people if we only trust, obey, pray, and watch with spiritual eyes for what God promises to reveal.   So……here I am a wife, mother, soon-to-be licensed clinical social worker (and I have certainly busted my butt to become so given California’s stringent requirements and the challenging clients I’ve worked with), and above all a movie lover.  Welcome back indeed.

Sometimes I find myself becoming one of those writers who don’t write and yet the love of analyzing films for their social relevance continues to dwell within.  I am also motivated to continue doing so considering that my blog receives and average of 10 hits a day.  You’re right, that’s not a lot.  But to the 10 who enjoy my wit and critique, thank you.  I will live to type another day.  As an FYI, “The Help”, and “Frankie and Alice” are on my radar of films to see.  I’m also turning 30 in less than 2 months and am eager to review a good flick that accurately captures the cauldron of emotions I”m feeling.  Have a suggestion?  Leave a post.  See you at the movies 🙂




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