April 2, 2009


Beginning April 21st the Movie Shrink will be a featured host on Energy Talk Radio, an online station dedicated to providing fun and inspirational programming for your mind, body, and soul.   “The Movie Shrink”  will be a critical yet entertaining exploration of the therapeutic messages and themes in movies past and present.  We will share humorous and emotional stories of how movies have the power to impact us at various stages in our lives.  I invite you to call in, have fun, and share tidbits of the characters and films that have moved you.  I so look forward to hearing your stories!  Also, feel free to leave comments here and I will read them on air…with your permission of course!

Energy Talk Radio is unique such that the programs are not only uplifting but 30% of the net profits are donated to various charities.  Help us rid the world of hunger, thirst, and poverty just by listening!  ETR will feature programs dedicated to divorce, motherhood, astrology, nutrition, hip hop, and tantric counseling among others.  Go to energytalkradio.com for more information.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Energy Talk Radio will be LAUNCHING ON APRIL 21st?  See you on the air!


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