Props to Lieutenant Dan

January 12, 2009



I love when celebrities use their powers for good.  On Saturday, Fox News aired a one-hour special, “On the Road in Iraq with our Troops and Gary Sinise”, which documented the actor’s involvement with the USO and showcased his “Lt. Dan Band”, a group formed by Sinise and Chicago composer, Kimo Williams.  In 1994 Sinise was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role of  Vietnam war veteran Lieutenant  Dan  in the film Forrest Gump.  Since the film, the Lt. Dan character has become a popular culture phenomenon and embraced by the military community. 

In the documentary Sinise, an avid supporter of the troops since the events of 9/11, speaks passionately about what it means to relate Lt. Dan’s message of perseverance despite adversity.  A play on words to those who’ve seen the film, Sinise says that he wants to show the troops that Lt. Dan is  “still standing” at the film’s end.  Check out the a highlight from the Fox special below:


This video doesn’t exist

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  1. Great News for U.S. Troops in trying times!!!

    The David H Brooks foundation for wounded American Troops.providing health care,phisical therepy,medications,finance relief and housing assitance for wounded soldiers. Thank you David H Brooks

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