What Obama’s Election Really Means…

November 5, 2008


If you’re looking for speculation on who should be cast in the roles of Hollywood’s inevitable Obama biopic you will be sorely disappointed. Let’s get sociopolitical for a moment.  This is the portrait of America’s new history books.  Not only is this moment extraordinary because Barack Obama-a Black man- has been elected to the highest position in the country, this portrait in itself is historic because the first woman and first children look like me 20 years ago and 20 years from now respectively.  I am speechless.  While this is a time for all Americans to celebrate democracy in action no one can deny the symbolism of yesterday’s election. Lest we get beside ourselves with euphoria and emotion about finally becoming “one people” we must never forget that the election of Barack Obama was a culmination of events that African  Americans suffered and died for.  Non-Blacks will never experience the sweetness of this moment in the same vein as Blacks.

The election of Barack Obama as president means that now is the time for Black people in particular to eliminate the word “can’t” from our vocabulary.  There are simply no more excuses to throw pity parties about what we wish we could do and complain about how we can’t get a break because of skin color and/or economic hardships.  Personal responsibility for ones successes and growth has always been a factor in the history of Black America.  We are owed nothing by anyone.  Barack Obama did not become the 44th president because of his skin color.  He did it because he sacrificed a mediocre life to pursue higher education, had a vision, and dedicated himself to bringing it to fruition.

More importantly, this election is a call for Black men to reclaim their greatness.  If you grew up in a family like mine you probably heard that we are the original Kings and Queens.  Now is the time to act like it.  Black man, if you did not have a role model in your father or any other Black man in your community, with Obama in office you now have something to aspire to.  There is no reason for you to kill each other just for bragging rights.  There is no reason for you to sire children and not actively participate in setting the foundations for them to lead productive lives.  There is no reason to not take pride in who you are.  There are no more excuses.  Enough already!


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